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About Prophecta

Prophecta is revolutionizing digital transformation and business optimization. Its current focus is on vehicle fleets, with plans to expand to all aspects of supply chain logistics.

Prophecta AI is a tool that analyzes business data in real-time to identify hidden inefficiencies, both current and potential. Using this information, the Prophecta Intelligent Assistant helps everyone in the company, from the CEO to every employee, to perform at their best while reducing costs, increasing revenue, mitigating risks, enhancing safety, and contributing to the environment.

It's like giving each business process a mind with the express goal of assisting the company and its employees.

Leadership Team


Vasily Nikolaev

Chief Executive Officer


Anatoly Volkhover

Chief Technology Officer


Live Demo

Let's have a chat! Firstly, we would like to learn more about your business. Then, we will walk you through our system, emphasizing the areas that matter to you. Lastly, we'll collaboratively brainstorm how to leverage Prophecta to maximize your profits, mitigate risks, and achieve environmental and other goals.

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