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Enter Prophecta, the AI that reveals and fixes the inefficiencies that you can't see

Prophecta AI analyzes the ever-growing amounts of telematic and accounting data in real-time, identifies hidden inefficiencies, and automatically takes corrective actions. This saves your fleet money, reduces harmful emissions, and minimizes business risks — all on autopilot.

We optimize your fleet operations in the following areas: drivers' efficiency, routes, schedules, load distribution, fuel fraud prevention, environmental impact, and operational awareness.

It's like giving each business process a mind to assist the fleet in general and each driver, supervisor, and manager individually.


Digital Twin

Our system relies on proprietary predictive mathematical models for each vehicle, person, and business process.

The models compute the anticipated business performance, similar to how NASA predicts a spacecraft's trajectory.


Fleet Benefits

  • Reduced fuel cost

  • More customer orders

  • Higher equipment utilization

  • Prevented fuel fraud

Business Risks
  • Predicted disruptions

  • Fast recovery

  • Low personnel churn

  • Transparency for customers

  • Reduced CO2 emissions

  • Less fuel consumed

  • Lower tire emissions (EVs too)

  • Aligned with financial goals


Our Process

1. Evaluation

Discuss your specific situation and goals

Assess systems in place (telematics, fuel cards, etc)


Estimate the benefits of deploying Prophecta

2. Digital Twin

Enter your business model into the system

Specify your own rules and regulations

Define driver compensation formulas

3. Integration

Connect to your telematics provider (or assess alternatives)

Decide on accounting transaction source (cards, ERP, etc.)

Select security and authentication protocol

4. Go-live

Deploy and test your solution

Install your mobile app

Testing and security audit

5. Onboarding

Training materials

Hands-on training

Adjustments as necessary

6. Support

24x7 99.99% uptime SLA

Handholding and training as needed

Monthly assessment & recommendations


Live Demo

Let's have a chat! Firstly, we would like to learn more about your business. Then, we will walk you through our system, emphasizing the areas that matter to you. Lastly, we'll collaboratively brainstorm how to leverage Prophecta to maximize your profits, mitigate risks, and achieve environmental and other goals.

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